Saturday, April 7, 2018

The abyss of sickness

When sickness attacks your body, it causes you to feel hopeless and helpless. You will never come out of that abyss. You start understanding why Jesus Christ die for us. Not only did he bore our sins but our sickness and diseases. When we look to the cross it gives us hope in times of trouble. Being sick with the flu for the last two weeks has been horrible. I often wonder if I would get out of this sickness. I began to put healing scriptures on, so it helps me to not lose sight of what's was important. God if faithful and he never leaves us nor for sake us. Whenever you are going through some tough times, go on YouTube and find healing scriptures for whatever you are struggling through. I know it will strengthen you and give you hope to withstand the trials that you are facing. Thank you, Lord, for saving me. I thank you and praise you for your unfailing love. I'm finally coming through this sickness and becoming exposed. To God be all the glory and praise forever.

Miriam Texidor