Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Don't worry! Be yourself

Why spend our day worrying about tomorrow?. When tomorrow is not promise to no one. Give attention to what's in front of you and don't be so concern about what someone else is doing or what someone else has. God has call each and everyone of us for a specific purpose. No one has the exact same calling or purpose in life.When we realize that and realize that we are all wonderfully and uniquely made in His image, than, and only then, can we truly love ourselves and others. The worst thing in life  and the most wasted energy in life is trying to be someone you're not or trying to be something you were never created to be. The only person that we should strife to be is the character of Jesus Christ. Because He is the image and character of Almighty God.
Scripture reference Mathew 6:25-34

By Miriam Texidor
"Be Encouraged".

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