Monday, November 4, 2013

Two Kinds Of Spirits Working

When we wake up each day, we are bombarded in our minds with fears and worries. Other times we are bombarded with great thoughts and ideas that give us hope. There are two kinds of spirit that battle for our allegiance: The spirit of God and the spirit of Satan. The bible Said's " Choose this day whom you are going to serve." Some of us may say "Well I don`t think about whom I`m going to serve, but each day whether conscious or subconscious we do choose. It will manifest itself in how we deal with our circumstances. If we live in fear that we can't make it, guess who's in involved in manipulating our thoughts (Satan). If we are full of joy though things are not working out as we hope they would, then guess who's involved; God (The Holy Spirit).
Nevertheless, remember this always; God will never condemn us no matter how badly we have sinned. However, He will convict our hearts of sin. Now, Satan on the contrary will condemn us of our sins, with total loss of hope or ever being restore to Gods love. That's how we know who we are listening to each day. Remember, God convicts us of sin and gives us hope for the future. Satan condemns us and fills us with hopelessness for the future. Draw close to God and he will draw closer to you.
By Miriam Texidor
"Be Encourage"